Experience the Benefits of Our Yoga Classes

Discover the Many Benefits of Yoga in a local community setting.

Class begins at 10:00am on Sundays running throughout the year apart from certain term days. Suitable for everyone, from beginners to more advanced yogis, the class is designed to help you relax, feel grounded, and get energised. In Hatha Yoga I will guide you through each pose and show you how to get the most out of your practice. You’ll love the way you feel after each class – refreshed, calm, and ready to take on the world! Yoga is a great way to improve your overall well-being – it can help you feel less stressed, more flexible, and more peaceful. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a class today and experience the magic of Be You Yoga!

What to expect in our Yoga Class

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Warm Up

To start each class, I lead a series of movements designed to warm up the body and prepare it for the yoga practice ahead. These movements often include Sun Salutations, which help to integrate the breath with physical movement and awaken the body and mind

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Body & Mind

In each class, I carefully craft a sequence of asanas or yoga poses that flow seamlessly and can be easily modified to meet the individual needs of each student. This allows for a more personalised and effective practice, ensuring that everyone can receive the maximum benefits of the poses regardless of their skill level or physical ability.

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The physical practice of yoga is a powerful tool for reducing stress and improving overall wellbeing. As we move through the asanas, we create a sense of calm and stillness within the body, quieting the mind and allowing for increased focus and clarity. This state of calm and clarity can then be carried into everyday life, helping to improve our relationships, work, and overall quality of life

Hatha Yoga for beginners

Hatha Yoga is a type of yoga that emphasises physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation. It is a great way for beginners to start their yoga practice and experience the numerous benefits that come with it. Some of the key benefits of Hatha Yoga include:

1. Improved flexibility and balance: Hatha Yoga involves holding various postures that help to improve flexibility and balance over time.
2. Reduced stress and anxiety: Hatha Yoga’s breathing techniques and meditation practices help to calm the mind and reduce stress levels.
3. Better posture: By practicing proper alignment in Hatha Yoga postures, you can improve your posture and reduce discomfort in your back and neck.
4. Increased strength: Hatha Yoga requires holding and maintaining postures, which can help to build strength in the muscles and improve overall fitness.
5. Improved breathing: Hatha Yoga places a strong emphasis on breathing techniques, which can help improve respiratory function and increase energy levels.
6. Better sleep: Hatha Yoga’s calming effect on the mind and body can help to improve sleep quality.
7. Better focus and concentration: Regular Hatha Yoga practice can help to improve focus, concentration, and mental clarity.
Hatha Yoga is a great way for beginners to start their yoga practice and experience the numerous physical, mental, and emotional benefits that come with it. Whether you’re looking to improve flexibility, reduce stress, or simply live a healthier lifestyle, Hatha Yoga is a great choice.

Ready to join us on the mat?

Classes start at just £8 for a full hours session!